Beauty Academy

iii) Training programs


A presentation session by our Korean Beauty Master, Mrs. Kim to share information with the audience/ viewers. For the Introductory Training on Product Knowledge, participants can expect to learn more about our Korean Cosmetic Products - the Gempyuri Series, M Miracle Series and Mask Pack Series.


During the Introductory Training on Self MRT, participants will be learning from our Korean Beauty Master, Mrs. Kim on DXN Self MRT. At the end of the session, the particpants should be equipped with knowledge and skills on how to do DXN Self MRT (Manual Reface Therapy).

There will be two different sessions of training:-
i. Introductory Training on Self MRT (with DXN Gempyuri Series)
ii. Introductory Training on Self MRT (with DXN M Miracle Series)


The main purposes of this basic training includes:-
1. To equip members and leaders with basic knowledge related to skin type.
2. To teach members and leaders how to use Korean Cosmetic products and do Self MRT for different skin type.

The particpants may expect two sessions of training from this subject - one focusing on theory and another one on practical.


Intermediate 1 Training focuses on part-by-part Self MRT training, which includes theory and practical. Targeted to further train
participants who have attended the basic training sessions and wants to learn further.

The Intermediate 1 Training will be separated into three sessions;-
i. Self MRT on Collarbone & Neck
ii. Self MRT on Ear & Scalp
iii. Self MRT on Face


Intermediate 2 Training is conducted with the following purposes:-
1. To introduce new packages based on different functions.
2. To share more information with particpants on different methods our skin care products can be utilized, basing on different functions.
3. Training as an continuation to the Basic Training and Intermediate 1 Self MRT Training held previously.

The Intermediate 2 Training will be separated into two sessions;-
i. Introduction of Three New Packages - General, Deep Cleansing, Skin Protection Package
ii. Introduction of Two New Packages - Anti-aging, Moisturizing Package


Intermediate 3 Training will focus on specific topics and advanced knowledge sharing. This program is targeted to further train members and leaders who have attended all basic and intermediate training before this and wants to learn further.

The Intermediate 3 Training will be separated into two sessions;-
i. Protecting Our Skin
ii. Skin Trouble Care
iii. Self MRT


The main purpose of Intensive Training is to introduce about DXN MRT techniques to the particpants. Theory and Practical Sessions will be included as part of the training. However, the focus will be on practical session for participants to learn and practice the MRT Techniques with guidance from the Korean Beauty Master, Mrs. Kim.

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