Lotion/ Cream/ Emulsion

DXN Gempyuri Derma Perfection Rejuvenation Cream

Use the Derma Perfection Rejuvenation Cream with its special formulation to hydrate, lighten and even out your skin tone. It also helps in reducing signs of aging to make your skin look younger.

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DXN M Miracle Marine Liposome Ultimate Eye Cream
30ml per bottle

This special formula delivers nourishing effects which is gentle for your eye area. It helps to revitalize and gives a glowing effect to your eye area.

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DXN M Miracle Marine Liposome Vital Extra Emulsion
150ml per bottle

This emulsion protects your skin against harmful exogenous agents. It gives a feeling of hydration, which keeps your skin looking revitalized and moisturized after application.

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DXN M Miracle Marine Liposome Moisturizing Cream
50ml per bottle

This uniquely formulated cream is suitable for daily care to hydrate and moisturize your skin.

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