DXN Cacao Essential Mask

25 ml x 5 sheets per box

The DXN Cacao Essential Mask helps to vitalize and support skin elasticity. Ameliorating your skin so that it’s soft and smooth.

DXN Mask Pack - Essential mask (디엑스엔 마스크팩 - 에센셜 마스크) The DXN Mask Pack uses the SOFT TENCEL MASK SHEET, which is extracted from the eucalyptus tree and is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. The mask sheet comes in a smooth and silky soft surface that firmly adheres and drapes beautifully to flatter every part of the face. The DXN Mask Pack is available in three variants which are: DXN Gempyuri Mask, DXN Cacao Essential Mask and DXN Tea Tree Essential Mask. All these Korean produced mask packs consist of 5 sheets (each 25ml) per box.

Improve skin elasticity, vitalized and softened skin.

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