DXN Gempyuri Lifting Impact Ampoule Oil


Ampoules containing argan oil which keeps skin moisturized with a feeling of intensive nourishment. Apply regularly for overall skin regeneration and firmness enhancement.

GEM (Precious stone) + PYURI ( 피우리 Blooming in Korean) = GEMPYURI
GEMPYURI means the nature of skin glowing like jewels to gloriously bloom the beauty of women.

Find your beauty through the mystery of the DXN Gempyuri Skin Care Series.
The DXN Gempyuri Skin Care Series is a complete set of skin care which is generally for skin rejuvenation and regeneration as well as to improve skin elasticity and firmness. There are 5 individual products under this skin care line and all are produced in Korea.

Regular use gives an overall skin regeneration and firmness enhancement.

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