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GEM (Precious stone) + PYURI (Blooming in Korean)

GEMPYURI means the nature of skin glowing like jewels to bloom the beauty of women more gloriously


Jewel-like skin

Amethyst (one of five world class gems), Truffle Extract (black diamond of the ground), Ganoderma and Spirulina Extract offer the primary solution and bring the natural beauty back to your skin to glow like jewel.


G3 Core Value

G1. Application of excellent fermentation technology to natural ingredients

G2. Application of ‘Hydrolyzed RNA’ technology, similar to human proteome

G3. Natural herbal preservatives

Main ingredients




GEMPYURI Skin Care Series Effects




5 Steps To Use






A deep sea water algae, so-called the "herb of ocean".

This skincare product is developed to penetrate ingredients of marine resources, such as collagen, deep into skin through liposome technology.


5 Brand Value


Brand Effect

Miracle of changing the skin ,delivered by M Miracle Marine Liposome Skin Care.

1. Illuminating skin tone

2. Revitalize skin texture

3. Moisturize skin


Discover the secrets of Vitality Skin in 8 steps





SOFT TENCEL MASK SHEET is extracted from eucalyptus tree and it is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. The mask sheet comes in smooth and silky soft surface that drapes beautifully to flatter every part of your face.



Revitalize & Brightening


The Main Ingredients



Calming & Tranquilizing


The Main Ingredients



Elasticity & Vitality


The Main Ingredients


How to use


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