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Keum Sook Kim

The Beauty Master from DXN Korea, Mrs. Kim Keum Sook has been directly involved in manufacturing, researching and marketing of cosmetic products since year 2008. When she first started working, there were no regulations related to research and development of high functionality and natural cosmetic products in Korea.

Besides having experience with cosmetic products, Mrs. Kim Keum Sook is also experienced with other types of personal care. In year 2012, she had launched a series of natural and organic products in Southeast Asia, Korea and China. In the same year, she had completed a course in makeup; and in the following year, she had completed a course in aesthetic beauty as well.

With Datuk Dr. Lim’s vision to create a beauty academy, Mrs. Kim Keum Sook started joining hands with DXN in year 2016 and soon they realized that the MRT Program is well suited for DXN. Mrs. Kim Keum Sook had completed the MRT course in year 2017 and worked on combining it with DXN cosmetic products. This is the birth story of DXN Cosmetics - a combination of special know-hows and unique skills found only in DXN.

Through tireless learning and research about cosmetic products, Mrs. Kim Keum Sook realized that it is important to provide consumers with total beauty solution. To this day, she is still persistently teaching and guiding our members about cosmetic products to help them grow.


2009 Operation of Beauty Retail Shop
2012 Launching of Organic Cosmetic Products
2014 Launching of Natural Cosmetics Products
2015-2016 Operation of Beauty Academy
2017 Grand Prize Recipient in Consumer Satisfaction Category at Asia Green Culture Brand Festival
Certified Instructor for MRT Facial Massage Academy
2018 Launching of DXN Cosmetics Academy in Europe (Hungary, Poland, Greece, Italy and Spain)
Launching of DXN Cosmetics Academy in Mongolia.
2019 Acquired National Certificate in Skin Care
Acquired National Certificate in Makeup
Launching of DXN Cosmetics Academy in Malaysia
Conducted Intensive Training in Slovakia
Conducted Intensive Training in Malaysia
Operation of Cosmetics & Aesthetic Shop

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