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“There are individuals who have never use our product, but not those who have used just once.”

Our company

DXN Korean Cosmetics is a subsidiary line under the prestige DXN Group launched by founder and CEO Datuk Lim Siow Jin. Aspiring to achieve a ‘One World, One Beauty’ vision, this high-end cosmetic and skincare series is in collaboration with renowned Korean experts who are giants in the beauty industry.

By joining hands with Korean experts, DXN Korean Cosmetics is able to produce a reliable and effective line of skincare products which will transform and bring out the beauty your skin possesses. Through the latest technology, backed up by countless research and development, we are confident that our various products are sufficient to take care of your skin needs and flaws. Our users can conveniently apply it as part of their daily skincare routine for an evident result of a healthier, beautiful and well-protected skin.

In the very near future, DXN Korean Cosmetics will have our very own beauty academy to train up more qualified beauticians. Through this, we are able to further educate and guide the public for better skin awareness. “One World, One Beauty” A place where everyone deserves beauty.

Our Founder

Datuk Lim Siow Jin

DXN was founded by Datuk Lim Siow Jin, a graduate from the famed Indian Institute of Technology. Datuk Lim has a deep interest in mushrooms and their relationship with human health.

After more than 20 years of careful research and scientific analysis, Datuk Lim discovered the specific benefits of Ganoderma or Lingzhi and its corresponding effects on human health. Realizing Lingzhi’s importance and health benefits, Datuk Lim began sharing his knowledge about this miraculous herb among his friends and colleagues who mirrored his passion for good health.

Datuk Lim did not stop there. He felt that he should form a company that would help more people to get acquainted and utilize the benefits of this miraculous herb. In 1993, Datuk Lim’s dream came true when he established DXN in Kedah, Malaysia.

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